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Project Description
This project is aiming to provide a set of useful features for the Dynamics AX developers and leverage some of the features in MorphX IDE.


- the project is right now provided as separate .xpo and .ald files;
- please follow the install procedure as outlined in the Downloads page as there are some dependencies that must be resolved in order to run this properly;
- a model file (was and) will be the way to distribute this once it reaches a rtm phase;
- the decision to distribute it using the old xpo way is due to possible issues when not targeting a specific version;

Features (release 1.2.50331.1):

Project Explorer
Windows Switch
Windows Manager
AOT Override

For a detailed description of the features as well as working with them please look at the manual in the Download section.

Project Explorer

- start it from the Tools menu in the development workspace;
- providing easy access to your current AX project, the Project Explorer form is dock-able (initial start-up on the right) and always visible (unlike the AOT form that might get behind the other forms); you only have to add your project(s) to Project Explorer;



- open any of the project's objects in its AOT form directly from here with one double click or on Enter; also, if the object was already opened it will bring the form on top, not losing the tree node you were focused on;


- using the new menu entry in contextual menu -> Add-ins -> Add to Current Project you can add any object from AOT to the current project definition; also it will add it to the right grouping node (creating one automatically if necessary, so you don't have to).
- save any additional objects you may have opened in your coding process in the second Project Explorer's tab called Browse History using the contextual menus added or by doing the Go to function in the Add-ins; from here you can easily get to them (open them in AOT or bring their AOT form to top);


and after pressing Add to current Project


Windows Switch

- allows you to easily Tab your way through the open windows in the AX development workspace;
- you need to have Project Explorer open in order to have this functionality enabled;
- right now the keys to Tab are fixed, but you can of course change them in code; they are as of today's release Alt+~ for Next window and Alt+Shift+~ for Previous window;

Windows Manager

Functionality aiming at helping the developer keep its working space much organized. All the windows that are initiated from the Project explorer window are opened at a specific point on the screen, and the subsequent ones are cascaded. The settings can be done in the Project Explorer setup page.
Note that the first times you will open an AOT window, until you get your setup right, the windows may be coming up with a 0 height or width. Just enter the values you want and reopen them.
This functionality (I consider) works best with the AOT Override so you can try to enable AOT Overrride and see if you consider it's useful. If both enable I find the setup below to work the best. This is also the default setup (default values).


AOT Override

AOT Override is a feature that tries the best at enforcing the existence of a single AOT (note this is the main AOT window and not the individual objects' AOT windows that you open up). This is implemented in a way that when you press Ctrl + D if you already have an AOT window open it will bring up that one.


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